How to Pick a Palm Tree

No plant evokes an image of the tropics more than a palm tree, with its slender trunk and feather-like fronds that sway gently in the breeze. But with nearly 3,000 species in existence, not all palms are alike. Things to consider: ultimate height, size of property, what it will be planted near, soil conditions, and leaf or fruit drop.


Here are some of our favorites for Southern California planting:


1. Mediterranean Fan Palm – Chamaerops humilis

It's trunk is covered by leaf scars that create a rough texture. Usually grown in clumps, which have up to five separate stems or trunks. Fronds are triangular shaped, grow upright, and are about 2 feet wide. Leaves are gray-green to blue-green. Grows slowly to about 20 feet.




2. King Palm

This is a tall, handsome palm has a graceful appearance. The leaves are about 6-7 feet in length, are stiff feather-like fronds. Can be 50 to 70 feet at full maturity. Come in single, double and multi-trunk.




3. Kentia Palm

Known for its lush foliage and tropical island vibes. These palms like filtered light and are very slow growing but can eventually grow up to 20 or more feet.




4. Phoenix Reclinata

This large palm tree grows multi trunks giving a more shaded area. Phoenix reclinata can grow up to 12"- 36" per year. This palm carries a great large crown with a slender and curvy body. These sharp frond palms can stretch out 18"- 24" long.





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