Finding The Right Bamboo

What to consider before shopping for bamboo?



Where is it being planted? In the ground? In a concrete planter? Near a neighbor's fence-line? These factors will help us determine which species is best for your application.





Some people want instant height when they plant their bamboo, but if you only have a 2’ x 2’ area to plant in, you will need to start off with a smaller container, which usually means a shorter plant.



Are you trying to create a dense screen between your yard and a neighbor's? Does your courtyard need one really spectacular specimen plant? Is there a particular landscape theme you have in mind? Our sales team would be happy to walk you through the best options for any type of application. 

Style matters! Does the color, shade, or shape of your bamboo matter to you? Do you prefer striped bamboo, green bamboo, black bamboo, straight bamboo or curvy bamboo? Did you even know there were so many types of bamboo? Fret not, we have detailed pictures of all the varieties we carry HERE.



How tall do you want it to get? Will you be able to trim your bamboo? Are there power lines you need to watch out for? Instant Jungle carries bamboo that grow to a variety of maximum heights. Our bamboo descriptions HERE will tell you the maximum height of each species we carry. 

bamboo infographic - Copy (2)


Instant Jungle carries two different types of bamboo, clumpers and runners. The biggest difference between these two is the way the root systems work. ​The roots of clumping bamboos are short and grow close together in a circular pattern, at a very slow rate. The roots of running bamboos are rhizomes that can “run” underground, spreading far and wide at a fast rate. ​



All species require ample sunlight, drainage, and water.  Make sure your bamboo has access to all of these before planting. Both clumpers and runners require regular maintenance to keep them from overgrowing an area or becoming unhealthy looking. We recommend trimming and thinning out your bamboo every few months.




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