5 Family Friendly Plants

Kid and pet proof plants to keep your family safe. It is very important to have indoor plants for many reasons. But what plants are pet and child friendly? Being educated before buying house plants is a good idea for many reasons. Take into consideration how much light is inside your home, the humidity level and are kids and pets present. Certain varieties of plants can be toxic to children and our furry friends. We have created a list of family friendly plants that Instant Jungle International keeps in stock year round.

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No. 1 Spider Plant

According to the ASPCA, spider plants are non toxic to cats, dogs and kids. This makes a nice accent piece for a small space on a shelf or maybe an end table with little care needed.


No. 2 Bromeliad

We all know what bromeliads are, but did you know they are kid friendly and pet safe. Adding this plant to a bedroom or living room is the perfect pop of color.


No. 3 Boston Fern

Boston ferns are commonly used for front porch plants and interior accent plants. This specific fern is a great family friendly plant that is non toxic to kids and pets. Maidenhair ferns also fall into this category unlike asparagus ferns. Asparagus ferns (not a true fern) are apart of the lily family which can carry toxic misnomers. 

No. 4 Ponytail Palm

You are in luck! Ponytail palms are family and pet friendly. The ponytail palm is native to Mexico and can go long periods without water. 

No. 5 Calathea

A safe plant to keep around kids, cats and dogs are calathea plants (prayer plant). Keep in mind this type of plant is a little needy. It thrives off of humidity and shade while the soil must be dry between waterings. 


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