Plant Maintenance

Expectations vs. Reality: Chances are you have killed a few plants in the past because of over or under watering. Maybe the reason being was it got too much sunlight, discovered pests later on or the plants just didn't agree with it's growing environment. What you want vs. what you get can be miss leading and very disappointing.

That's why we are here to help you!




We all have high expectations, especially when it comes to our house or office plants. Having a lush and showy plants shows people you don't mess around when it comes to plant care. A strict watering and plant plant upkeep schedule is soon put into place. But what if you go on vacation, get busy at work or even just forget? That's when reality sets in. 





This is the true test, you see a yellow leaf on your plan and head for the watering can. Immediately, you think something is wrong and over water that plant. While you're at, you might as well water all your plants. Doing this

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 can ruin your original watering schedule and stress plants out causing them to die or become discolored. This is when reality sets in and you start to doubt your plant sills.  

Have you ever thought about looking into different options, what about silk? Silk orchids or faux succulents can be a great alternative to those that don't have a 'green thumb'. Silks take little to no attention while presenting that live plant look.

Still not convinced, what about hiring a plant maintenance technician? Plant maintenance technicians will do the dirty work, therefore, you can relax and enjoy. By hiring Instant Jungle International, we can guarantee weekly plant maintenance, grooming and plant replacements. 



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