The Ultimate Guide to Living and Faux Walls

You have seen them in offices, restaurants and hotels and you have noticed how striking they are and how they seem to bring life to the surroundings. You have wondered if you could have one, how much they cost, and are they hard to maintain? We consider ourselves the wall experts, having designed and installed walls all over the United States. Here is the ultimate guide to living and faux walls!



You can have a living wall indoors if you have plenty of natural light. Your choices include terrascreens, tray systems or a system with recirculating water to make irrigation easier. Plant types must be interior plants that will thrive according to your particular lighting.

If you don’t have sufficient light, you can still have a wall! We have designed and installed several faux botanical walls as well as moss walls. Either one is a great choice depending on the look you are going for. These walls are virtually maintenance free as an added bonus. Faux botanical and can also be installed outdoors in a protected space.

Living wall located in Fry Reglet waiting area



The sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor walls. We have 5 different products from 3 manufacturers so one is bound to suit your needs. What to consider:

  • Amount of daily sunlight and direction of sun
  • Space
  • Budget
  • The look that you want – succulents, grasses, flowering plants?


Whole Foods Market living wall located in Malibu, CA


Module System

This system is typically used in commercial settings. 19 x 22 inch modules are planted to your specifications. The modules hang on stainless steel rails and irrigation runs throughout.

The Center for Early Education living wall located in West Los Angeles, CA


Tray System

Great for residential as well as light commercial. The trays are direct-planted with nursery pots and provide a lush wall. There are a few different hanging systems. Irrigation can be installed as well.


Residential living wall located in Irvine, CA


TerraScreen system

6” nursery pots attached to a grid allow for easy planting and maintenance as well as the ability to change plants to suit your mood or the season! This system can be used indoors as well.

Interior office living wall located at Newport Group


Sock and Tray System

This is a sock and tray system and it provides a lot of flexibility in planting. Irrigation is run throughout.

Tray system living wall located at Duchateau outdoor patio in San Diego


Recirculating Water System

This system has a built-in drip irrigation system. The water is collected in tanks and redistributed throughout the wall. Can be used indoors as well.


We have years of experience with all types of walls. Your next step should be to let us help you choose. We can design, install and maintain your wall! Give us a call today at 714-850-9227 to get started.


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