Why Buy From Instant Jungle International?

Of course, we can brag….our plants and trees are the best! Sometimes we are told that plants and trees are less expensive at the national chain stores (you know who I’m talking about!) and why should ours be more expensive. Well let me tell you!


Six reasons why you should buy your plants and trees from

Instant Jungle International:

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 No. 1 Our Soil

First and probably most important is that we use special planting soil that is custom to us. This soil creates growth and also helps maintain your plants and trees because our blend promotes proper drainage, which is vital.


No. 2 California Grown

Our plants and trees are raised in Southern California! Many large retailers purchase plants that are brought in from Florida or other states and do not give them time to acclimatize. If you have ever been to Florida, you know that their climate is different from ours. Plants and trees from Instant Jungle have only known Southern California and therefore will not have any climate shock.


No.3 Correct Lighting

We use our greenhouse and shade house for establishing the right light levels for interior use. This is important because plants and trees grown outside tend to struggle when installed indoors unless they have had the proper amount of time indoors.


No. 4 Pest Free

Before you take your plant or tree home, we inspect it for pests.  This means you will not be taking any pests home to other plants!


No. 5 Healthy Roots

We routinely monitor all our plants and trees to make sure they are in the proper size container. We immediately move plants and trees to larger containers to ensure none of them get root bound. This allows room for growth as well as the right amount of roots and soil for balance for the healthiest plants and trees.


No. 6 We Have Experience

Finally, 40 years in the business means we know what we are talking about when it comes to container sizes, positioning, light levels, growth rates and more. We want to help you make the right choice!




Come and find out why we have thousands of happy customers all over Southern California and then you can brag too!

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