Why We Love Bamboo

It is great for the environment - Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases over 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to an equivalent mass of trees. This makes bamboo excellent for absorbing greenhouse gases and producing clean, fresh oxygen.



It is fast growing - If you are looking for a way to hide your view of the neighbor’s house, bamboo is the fastest way to do that. It is pretty close to instant gratification!


It is virtually fireproof - Because it contains large amounts of silicate acid, bamboo is abnormally flame resistant.


It is easy to grow – As long as the climate is right and they are adequately watered, bamboo grows in nearly any type of reasonably fertile well-drained soil. The only maintenance it requires is periodic trimming.

It comes in all shapes and sizes – Here at Instant Jungle International we have over 15 different species of bamboo. You can choose based on cane color, leaf shape, height, and for your specific climate, light and needs.


With 40 years of experience, we are the bamboo experts. Let us help you pick your bamboo! You can call 714-850-9227 or email plants@instantjungle.com


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