Caring for your Plants in the Winter

Yes, we live in California and it is so beautiful year round but your plants still might need some extra TLC!


Indoor Plants:

They might need more light: You know how people get cranky when the days get short? Your plants can too! They might need more light. Consider moving them to a sunnier spot in your home. You will also want to make sure your windows are clean to let the light in. (To avoid sun burn, keep your plants out of direct sunlight.)

Clean them: Make sure the leaves are clean so they can absorb the light.

Water them: Having your heater on will make you happy but your plants... not so much. The heat could dry them out so make sure to check the water levels and add more water if necessary. 

Watch for pests: Increased heat, lack of sunlight and higher humidity all can lead to pests so keep a look out and eliminate them if you see them. 

Kentia house plant                                       Ficus interior plant


Outdoor Plants:

Containers: One of the easiest ways to kill plants is to over water them. Trust me on that one! If you have containers that do not drain be sure to turn off your drip system if it is raining and make sure the plants aren't sitting in water. If they are you will need to drain your container.

Your lawn: If you have deciduous trees that shed their leaves make sure to pick them up. Having your lawn covered in leaves means it is not getting enough light or water and can be bad for it. 

Watering schedule: We can't say it enough... plants and trees like consistency. Make sure you are modifying your watering schedule so nothing is way too wet or dry.

Winter months: It is now time to prune, mulch and fertilize.

Exterior mixed planter                                          Ceramic table planter



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